Lower European style elegant crystal droplight large Spaces

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-09-09
Home is the place that souls dwell, the end of the day is busy, everyone wants in the world to ask for a comfortable heart harbour, in the quiet of the night to find a simple and safe sense, lit a lamp that elegant desk lamp, let the gentle light through the silent night light into the atrium, fill an inner void, heal my heart lonely, lamps and lanterns is the partner in the night. Transparent crystal crystal chandelier light refracting the shot into the home of the sun, spilled on the floor and small points of light, colorful, especially pretty. Meticulous process fruity modelling elegant, revealing a full-bodied European noble flavor, delicate copper art of carve patterns or designs on woodwork and hd transparent crystal lamp holder, let droplight overall in the soft outfit show the classic beauty of European atmosphere. Light through the crystal of lingering gently with the magic of reassurance. Details of lamps and lanterns origin: European source number: 12 droplight type: crystal droplight models: CH - 12晶体, NBN type lamps and lanterns shape: number of chandelier lamp holder: 12 lamp and auxiliary material: crystal light area: 15 ㎡ - 30 ㎡ warranty period: 2 years color classification: gold/high lead crystal ( 12) Golden lamp/high lead crystal ( 12) Nickel/high lead crystal ( 12) Lamp body is the main material: copper source types: incandescent energy-saving lamps LED lamps and lanterns is whether or not to bring a light source, with no light source power: 31 w ( ) - 40W( ) Voltage: 111 v to 240 v ( ) Other/other applicable space: sitting room dining-room study bedroom style: European style pay attention to the public, to learn more about import information of lamps and lanterns import crystal lamp website: END article from: import crystal lamp more wonderful, please pay attention to the public
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