low level laser light therapy- a hair restoration treatment

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-18
Lasers have been introduced and used for several years, but only a few people know that they are used for hair restoration in Delhi or elsewhere in the world.
Yes, low-level lasers are used to treat hair loss and promote new hair growth.
Low intensity laser therapy, also known as red light therapy, soft laser, cold laser, light biological regulation and biological stimulation, has become an effective FDA-
Approved Methods for the treatment of hair loss without any surgical intervention.
This advanced method of hair restoration is used for male hair loss and diffuse baldness or baldness (Bald).
Low intensity laser therapy (LLT)is not a one-time process.
In order to keep the result, it must be repeated at a specific time interval.
Basically, three and a half hour meetings must be held within a week.
This will last 4 to 6 months to reverse the effects of hair loss.
Once the hair is restored, the \"maintenance\" Schedule 1 to 2 times a week is also given to maintain new growth and keep the hair healthy and strong.
The work of low intensity laser therapy: the hair growth cycle consists of three stages: growth (Anagen phase), Resting (Telogen phase)and Shedding (Catagen phase).
Hair loss in male hair loss depends on testosterone derivatives in the skin (DHT).
LLT should increase the blood flow of the scalp and encourage the metabolism of catagen or follicles during the rest period, which further leads to the production of anagen hair.
This hair repair treatment in Delhi or elsewhere in the world uses lasers of specific wavelength and specific power.
The light does not cut or burn the skin.
This laser is absorbed by cells and the process of cell repair begins.
In fact, the photon action of light is on the cell pigment C enzyme, resulting in the formation of the three-phosphate gland (ATP).
This is converted into circulating AMP in follicle cells during hair growth, releasing energy and stimulating metabolic processes.
No emissions from cells lead to increased blood vessel formation of circulating nutrients and oxygen to hair roots in the scalp.
For genetic reasons, people with sparse hair or bald patterns can choose LLLT.
Advantages of LLLT in the treatment of hair loss: laser therapy for hair loss treatment in Delhi or elsewhere in the world depends on the device that emits red light (
Wavelength 630-670 nm)
Or infrared radiation that can penetrate the scalp.
The desired wavelength is 630-670nm.
We offer sophisticated low-level laser treatments at transplantasia, using an efficient combination of red lasers (655nm)
We have certified professional experienced dermatologists who strive to provide the best hair restoration treatment in Delhi.
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