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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
On January 22, snooker lived in the bronze lights, colorful flags, and a festive atmosphere of the festival. The annual New Year reception is held here. More than 200 employees of the whole factory, suppliers at all levels and customer representatives participated in the Spring Festival reception of snooker Mercure bronze lamp. Liao Tianyuan, general manager of snooker all-copper lamp, delivered a speech at the reception. He said: In the past year, all the employees of snooker all-copper lamp have been twisted into a rope. It has overcome the impact of many unfavorable situations at home and abroad. Under the circumstance of declining sales in the whole industry, it has successfully completed the growth target set at the beginning of the year against the trend. What is most worth mentioning is that the company has made great progress in the customization of engineering lamps. Breaking through the shackles that traditional all-copper lamp enterprises cannot make lamps, they have developed many classic all-copper lamp engineering lamps and lanterns products in the past year. This has not only injected impetus into the company's development, but also made due contributions to the entire copper lamp industry. In general Liao's speech, he also clarified the work objectives for 2013. He demanded that all employees should unite and forge ahead, overcome difficulties and win new victories with a pragmatic attitude. At the reception, a group of employees and grassroots cadres who have worked diligently for a year were also commended.
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