Looking at the full copper chandelier SZ22046 real shot renderings, I know that this lamp is not wrong!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-13
Nowadays, many people like the simple decoration style. Take the light selection. The common ones are modern small American style and simple Chinese style. These two styles are fresh and refined, simple and generous, received a lot of people's favor. Today, Xiao Bian will recommend a new Chinese-style all-copper chandelier SZ220496 for snooker Meiju. This lamp is a hot-selling one and is the choice of many customers. The customer's feedback is a good explanation. The customer is from Kunming, Yunnan. The new house has been renovated, but it is difficult to choose the light. Because the home is a new Chinese style of decoration, I don't like too complicated styles. I chose it online, but I still didn't choose my favorite style. Later, the customer found us on the internet. Because the customer's choice of style is more entangled, we let the customer take photos of all the spaces in the house, after looking at the customer's general decoration situation, we used the company's lamp distribution system to make several matching schemes for the customer, including the new Chinese SZ22046- 10 as a living room chandelier, this program has attracted the attention of customers. The customer pointed to this, and then the restaurant is also matched with the same series of copper chandeliers. Since the customer did not see the real thing, there were still some concerns. We showed the customer the real shot of the store and the real shot of other customers. Finally, Mr. Yan decided to choose this. Now Mr. Rui's lamps and lanterns have all been installed. This is the real effect picture sent to us by the customer a few days ago. The customer said that he is very satisfied with the installation effect, the quality is good, and the lamp is also very beautiful. Some friends need to buy the lamp, I will definitely push the snooker.
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