Living room feng shui financial position arrangement method

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
The so-called living room financial position is the living room in feng shui. According to the traditional description in numerology, wealth; It is the source of life. It can be imagined that the financial position is very important for people. The living room is well-arranged, and the financial resources are wide and the family is booming; If the living room is in a fierce position, it will be worn out, and it will be difficult for people to settle down; Therefore, the good or bad fortune of the living room should be paid enough attention to by people and should not be ignored. So where is the living room financial position? According to Feng Shui, the financial department of the living room is based on the 45-degree position of the diagonal diagonal of the main entrance of the living room. That is what people usually call the four auspicious places in the living room; . This is the most suitable for vigorous, auspicious and vivid. Below we will introduce the ten related matters that should be paid attention to in the living room feng shui financial position map, so that everyone can make good use of the financial position, make a fortune into the treasure 1, the financial position to avoid no backrest, it is best to have a solid two-sided wall behind the financial position, because it symbolizes that there is a backer to lean against, so that there is no worries, so that you can hide the wind and gather gas. On the other hand, if there is a transparent glass window behind the financial position, it is not only difficult to accumulate wealth, but also easy to be discouraged, there will be a break. 2, the financial position should be flat, the financial position should not be a walkway or open the door, and the financial position should not have an open window, open the window will cause the wealth to disperse. If there are windows, curtains can be used to cover or seal the windows. The financial position will not leak. The financial position should try to avoid pillars and dents. If this is the channel, a screen can be placed, which can avoid the embarrassment of penetration and form a good financial position. 3, the financial position to avoid messy vibration, if the financial position for a long time messy and vibration, it is difficult to stick to the positive wealth. Therefore, the items placed on the financial position should be neat, and all kinds of televisions and stereos that often vibrate should not be placed. 4. The financial position should not be polluted and washed, and the financial position should be kept clean. If the toilet bathroom is placed in the financial position or sundries, this will tarnish the financial position and greatly reduce the financial fortune, not only can the financial position not be able to make money into the treasure, but it will cause the loss of the family's wealth, and the financial position should not be rushed by the sharp corners, so as not to affect the wealth. 5. Financial position cannot be pressed. Financial position pressure will lead to the inability of family wealth to grow. If heavy wardrobes, bookcases or combination cabinets are placed in financial position, the financial position will be under heavy pressure, that will have no advantage over the wealth of the home. 6. The financial position should be bright but not dark. If the financial position is bright, the House will be full of vitality. Therefore, if the financial position is exposed to sunlight or light, it will be of great help to the prosperity of the wealth: if the wealth is dim, there is a stagnation of wealth, and it is necessary to install a pilot lamp here to resolve it. 7. The financial position is suitable for sitting and lying. The financial position is the position where the wealth of a family gathers. Therefore, it should be made good use of. In addition to placing plants with vigorous vitality, you can also put the bed or sofa on the 'Financial position, sit in the financial position, accumulate over time, and will strengthen your own wealth. In addition, if the table is placed in the financial position, it is also very suitable, because the table is a place to eat, while absorbing food energy, it can absorb wealth, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. 8. The mascot should be placed in the financial position. The financial position is the location where the vitality is condensed. If there are some lucky objects, such as Fu, Lu, Shou, Samsung or the Statue of Wenwu god of wealth, this will be auspicious, and it will have the effect of icing on the cake. 9, the financial position to avoid water, financial position is good to avoid water, so it is not appropriate to place water plants here, also can not put the fish tank in the financial position, so as not to see the financial water. 10, the financial position of the plant should pay attention to, the financial position should be placed in the lush plants, continue to grow, can make the family's wealth continue to be strong, the fortune is better. Therefore, it is most suitable to place evergreen plants in the financial position, especially the Golden GE, rubber tree, money tree and Brazilian iron tree with large or round leaves, but it should be noted that these plants should be planted with soil, cannot be cultured in water. Financial position should not be planted with prickly cactus plants, because such plants are evil spirits.
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