Living room chandelier purchase be careful to fall into these 4 big mistakes

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-01
When we decorate, it is often easy to fall into the misunderstanding of some family lamps. So what are the misunderstandings of the living room chandelier purchase? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian! Misunderstanding of choosing chandeliers in the living room: the overall light source is too bright. In order to show the luxury of the living room, many people will not only install some spotlights and downlights, but also choose some large-sized living room chandeliers, always trying to install high-wattage light sources in the chandeliers, I am afraid that it is not bright enough. In fact, such lighting is not scientific. It not only wastes resources, but also causes great irritation to the eyeball, which is easy to cause emotional irritability. Misunderstanding 2 of choosing chandeliers in the living room: the contrast between light and shade is too strong. We all know that indoor light should be as soft, uniform, and free from glare and shadows. Some people create special effects in some spaces and use lamps equipped with opaque lampshades when choosing chandeliers in the living room, resulting in clear light and shade in the room. When people turn their eyes from the bright area to the dark area, the eyes have to adapt to a period of time to see the object clearly, which can easily cause visual fatigue. Misunderstanding of living room chandeliers: colorful lights. Some families choose the living room chandelier to create an atmosphere for the pursuit of luxury. Often ignore the reasonable lighting needs, the lighting is designed to be colorful, resulting in messy lighting colors, not only damage vision, but also interfere with the central nervous function of the brain. Misunderstanding 4 of choosing living room chandeliers: always adjust the brightness of the adjustable light source to the maximum. Because it can be brightened and dimmed according to demand, the adjustable light source is now favored by many people. Many families are used to adjusting the brightness of the living room chandelier to the maximum, which not only greatly shortens the service life of the light source, but also is harmful to human health. The brightness of the adjustable light source is preferably controlled at 60%-80%, the maximum brightness should not exceed 90%.
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