Lite-on 5. 300 million sell three subsidiary company focusing on LED and outdoor lighting and other fields

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-22
Lite-on. Million sold three subsidiaries focused LED 0 - and outdoor lighting and other fields - - - - - - 0 month, temporary board held in lite-on Technology, through the equity transfer agreement to be portable enterprises group owns three subsidiaries, including zhuhai lite-on mobile communication Technology Co. , Ltd. , guangzhou lite-on mobile electronic components Co. , Ltd and shenzhen lite-on mobile precision mould Co. , Ltd. 00% stake, sold to shenzhen listed company Zhejiang Firstar Panel Technology Co. , Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as the stars of science and technology) Subsidiary deep the photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , the equity market price for the renminbi. One hundred million yuan. Data shows, the stars of science and technology was established in 00 years, listed in shenzhen stock exchange to 0, 0, annual revenue of one hundred million yuan, profit for the yuan, 0 million yuan, mainly engaged in all kinds of protection glass, touch screen module and institutions of research and development and manufacturing. The equity delivery schedule, and saw in accordance with the relevant competent authority shall predict to be finished in the first quarter of 0 years. Lite-on group vice chairman and chief executive, said Chen Guangzhong company with cloud computing, LED outdoor lighting, automotive electronics, industrial automation and medical wisdom and so on five big Internet of things ( 物联网) The key point of the development of the application domain as a transformation group. Influenced by a rapidly changing global mobile device market, this mobile phone related business operation of the adjustment will help group focus on the core technology and competitive, continuously optimize profitability and product mix, raise long-term interests of shareholders, customers and employees. Lite-on, said the deal for the company has no significant impact on financial business, will be heir actual transaction is completed, the law or regulations related bulletin and declare. The previous: no next article: household intelligent lighting system will need product recommendations
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