Lighting wholesale needs to be cautious, the three major 'traps' need to be careful!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
The capital of lighting- Guzhen is an international lighting production base that everyone is familiar. Chinese and foreign customers come here to buy lamps, especially those who open their own lamp shops and come here regularly to purchase lamps. Therefore, we must talk about some points about lighting wholesale. Lighting wholesale is a long-term business. A good supplier can bring a good impression to customers. Stable supply can make our customers' business stable, thus making customers become their old customers. This is what we call a win-win situation. But be careful of the lighting wholesale trap; Oh. Trap 1: empty city plan when you see a glamorous store, it may be just an empty shell. Some customers are often deceived without knowing it. Looking at the hanging lamps in the store, they are all good, thinking that they will also wholesale the same lamps. In fact, many stores only have stores, and there is no actual factory behind them. The sample is to take the goods of this factory, and the goods of that factory. When the customer needs to make a decision, he will start to earn the difference. Trap 2: second best, if you don't go to the field for investigation, you don't know what the quality of the actual lamps is. Many people may just take customers to the exhibition hall to see samples. I didn't take you to the factory to check the actual production process of lamps and lanterns and the workmanship of lamps and lanterns. What I saw was a good sample in the exhibition hall. As a result, I sent you some defective products when I bought them. Therefore, do not set too much at one time, or sign a large cooperation contract. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when you receive the lamp. Trap 3: The so-called preferential strength, when you are struggling with how many lamps to set, you may find that business personnel will be very enthusiastic about you. Various preferential policies and various attractive conditions. At this time, you must be calm, calmly think about some problems, and can not be confused by the surface of the offer. Especially when signing a cooperation contract, you must be careful and careful. Summarize the trap of avoiding lighting wholesale; . There are the following points: 1. Be prepared in advance to learn some information about lighting wholesale. Field visits are the most reliable. First investigate and then decide 3. Not easily confused by the so-called preferential policies, be cautious and careful.
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