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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-07
For the oil lamp to burn, the Wick must be in the oil but taken out of the oil.
If the wick is flooded with oil, it cannot bring light.
Life is like the wick of a lamp,
You have to be in this world without being touched by it.
If you are overwhelmed by the materialism of the world, you cannot bring happiness and knowledge in your life.
In this world, we can be the light of happiness and knowledge, without drowning in the mundane aspects of the world.
This day, not only to decorate the house, but also to convey this profound truth.
Everyone has some good qualities.
Every light you light is a symbol of this.
By lighting up the lamp of wisdom within you, you light up the potential value and gain the knowledge;
You awaken all aspects of your existence.
When they are lit and awakened, it is Deepawali.
Not satisfied with lighting only one lamp;
Because you need to light a lot of lights to dispel the darkness of ignorance.
There is another symbol of far-reaching significance in firecrackers.
In life, you are often like firecrackers, waiting for something suppressed to explode.
Emotions, frustration and anger.
When you suppress your emotions, desires, disgust, hatred, you reach a tipping point.
Burst Cookies are a psychological exercise to release bottled cookiesup emotions.
When you see the explosion outside, you have a similar feeling inside.
There was so much light with the explosion.
Let go of these emotions and peace begins.
You can experience freshness when you abandon these repressed thingsup emotions.
Deepawali means living in the present, so let go of past regrets and worries about the future and live in the present.
Candy and gifts symbolize the bitterness and revival of friendship.
Deepawali is a time to reveal the wisdom you have gained and welcome a new start.
When true wisdom comes, it brings celebration.
But don\'t let the celebration lose your attention and consciousness.
In order to maintain consciousness in the celebration, the Ancients created the ceremony: puja brought the divine.
For the same reason, Deepawali is also the time for pass to add depth to the celebration by injecting spiritual aspects.
Celebrations include the spirit of seva or service. Share.
We accept in giving.
Celebration also means eliminating all differences and enjoying the glory of Atman.
Happiness and wisdom must spread, and this may happen when all come together and celebrate in knowledge.
Deepawali is a celebration of the wisdom from which it was born.
For people who don\'t know, Deepawali only comes once a year, but for the wise, Deepawali is every moment.
This Deepawali, celebrate with knowledge and take sankalpa (intention)
Serving mankind
Light the lamp of love in your heart;
The abundant lights in your home;
The Lamp of compassion for others;
Light of knowledge, to dispel the darkness of ignorance, and to thank God for His abundance.
Light Dispels Darkness, and when the darkness of your inner ignorance is dispelled by the light of wisdom, kindness prevails.
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