Lighting stores should be 'precise positioning'

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-14



Product fit market is the key to the store's foothold

 We started to operate EME's lighting products in 2006. In 2008, we opened the only store in Panasonic's Huizhou City in Huizhou Sanhuan Decoration City. Due to the stable quality of EME's products and the after-sales service, we have established a certain reputation in the local market in Huizhou over the years. In 2018, sales of EME's specialty stores increased slightly, but the profit was the same as in 2017, mainly due to the adjustment of Panasonic's new products in 2013, and the promotion of some special lighting products, special lighting Products account for a large percentage of sales.

 At present, there are fewer and fewer lighting brands in the market that are actually operated as specialty stores. Many specialty stores have actually become a store in the store. I think that a good lighting store should focus on the following aspects: First, the brand influence of the store should be large, and the position and influence in the minds of the masses should be emphasized. Second, the store image of the store must be It is necessary to match the development orientation of its own brand; the third and most important point is that the products of the specialty store must conform to the local market while ensuring the quality.

 The key to the survival of specialty stores lies in products. Some products are more popular in Guangzhou, but there is no market in Huizhou. Therefore, manufacturers should look for a point of convergence, tailor the store to local conditions, and even allow the designers of upstream brands to go to various places, fully understand the market, and design products that are both differentiated and distinctive. The lighting products of the specialty stores are fully competitive in various places, so that the specialty stores can live better in the local area.

 store operation encounters bottleneck

 We have been a specialty store for EME since 2007. Affected by many factors, the sales performance of engineering products has not been satisfactory in recent years, and retail sales have been average. Sales of engineering products in 2014 declined compared to 2013, mainly due to the impact of the environment. In addition, the crystal table lamp series is extremely competitive, and we still need to improve on management.

 According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the reasons for the difficulties in the operation of specialty stores in the past few years are as follows: First, the country’s macro economy is constantly adjusting, and the lighting industry is greatly affected by real estate regulation; second, professional stores are increasing. However, market demand is limited, and fierce competition has affected the development of lighting stores; third, e-commerce has a greater impact on traditional store channels. The market is flattening and regional management will be very limited. Therefore, the operation of traditional channels will be more difficult.

 Market law is value is more important than price

 I currently operate the EME Store. In the past two years, in the case of large market fluctuations, overall sales performance has remained stable.

 At this stage, the survival rate or product sales of many lighting stores are not ideal, especially in the county and city markets. The important reason is that the product structure of the specialty store is too single, the product category is not rich enough, and it can not meet the needs of different levels and different consumption structures. The long-term specialty store will become an integrated store, and even the phenomenon of selling dog meat will appear.

 The specialty store should have more choices and better products. The customer chooses the specialty store to value its quality assurance, convenient after-sales and reasonable price. In addition, the business philosophy of the store should be in line with the tastes of consumers, as well as the business of local conditions. Merchants can use the timing of festivals, celebrations, etc. to hold sweepstakes, games, promotions and other ways to gather popularity, in order to stimulate sales of specialty store products. In short, the rule of the market is that value is more important than price.

At the same time, as the recent research of EME LIGHTING shows, the benefits of improved productivity and firm performance can make implementing basic management practices worth it.
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