Lighting lighting factory will teach you how to choose the hotel lobby chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-01-28
Lighting lighting factory will teach you how to choose the hotel lobby chandelier hotel lobby chandelier is one of the important lighting lamps and lanterns, is the soul of reflects the lobby style. Commonly used in the hotel lobby chandelier style candle chandelier, crystal pendant lamp, droplight of fashion and personality, etc. , how to in numerous droplight is to choose a perfect collocation is the lobby of the hotel with the hotel style droplight? The style of droplight is numerous, European style, American style, contemporary and contracted style, and so on. According to the style of the hotel the choose and buy when the choose and buy, in this way can droplight match the whole hall environment, the perfect combination to reveal the grade of the hotel and style. Hotel lobby chandelier open longer, more to consider energy saving. Light requires not only bright and gentle, but also different times dimmer toning. When buying a chandelier first examined the chandelier logo, such as trademark, type, rated voltage, rated power, etc. Mark safety is the basic requirement of the safety performance droplight, the rated power is particularly important if you choose droplight power for excess, it may cause casing deformation, damage to the insulating layer, and other issues. Droplight bearing bracket structure and material. Hotel lobby chandelier is often larger, modelling is luxuriant, when the choose and buy should pay attention to whether the bearing bracket structure and material and the weight of the lamps and lanterns, the structure of the scaffold should be adapted to the modelling of lamps and lanterns, to receive strength evenly in the parts, the cross-sectional area of the stent components should be sufficient to support droplight each part of the weight and the total weight of lamps and lanterns. ( Article source: suzhou lighting lighting factory]
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