Lighting lighting business 'four measures' to welcome spring

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-10


 In the spring of March, everything is full of vitality, and everything in the lighting industry is actively welcoming the spring of this industry.  companies across Henan have been stocking up and the market has begun to recover. In the visit to the Zhengzhou market, I learned that in order to have a good harvest in the peak season, Zhengzhou lighting manufacturers have adjusted their own actual situation and adopted four major measures to welcome the spring of the industry.

 climate change

EME LIGHTING CO., LTD. is with a large business area. From the end of February this year, the store began to carry out all-round renovation of the surrounding walls. EME's CEO said that the decoration is mainly to attract more popularity and create a good atmosphere for customers. While increasing the circulation of product channels, EME  will also increase the display and stocking of European lanterns to promote the sales of storefront retail sales.

 New products are introduced to the market

  lighting business four measures to welcome spring

 Advocacy continues to strengthen

 With the continuous construction of the new lighting market in China, the number of merchants has increased and the market competition has become increasingly fierce. Advertising has become a compulsory course for many businesses. It is understood that retail stores are more inclined to local newspapers, TV stations, outdoor advertising, etc., while wholesalers prefer to appear in the industry media. One expert said that at the beginning of the new year, both manufacturers and distributors should strengthen the original sales channels through advertising. On the other hand, they should immediately transmit new product information and corporate trends to customers through advertising.

 Heavy promotions start

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