Lighting joins, allowing dealers to easily sit and wait for money

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-18
Since the launch of the O2O mode of snooker in March 2016, our O2O distributors all over the country have received many orders and handed in a satisfactory answer at the end of the year. Let's take Ding Zong, our distributor in Chongqing, for example, received about 50 orders during 2016. In a word, Ding Zong is: O2O mode is indeed waiting for money, time-saving and labor-saving, this kind of lighting joining mode really feels good! This is not just the beginning of the year, Ding always received an O2O order. The customer found us in Snowe Tmall. After some communication, we learned that the customer was a decoration company's purchase and bought our all-copper lamp years ago, and told us that we first bought it back to see the quality, the owner felt that the quality passed, and then placed a full set of copper lamps. Sure enough, the owner saw that the quality of the sample was really good, and decided to use the all-copper lamp of our snooker, and then the customer placed the order very happily today, we immediately pushed the order to our Chongqing O2O dealer Ding Zong. Snooker Mercure O2O is so powerful that it makes our dealers make money easily. We are responsible for online marketing and offline transactions. The completed orders are directly pushed to the dealers and can be collected by sitting. Are you still struggling to search for information about lighting joining? Are you still worried about not finding a suitable lighting brand to join? Don't worry, join the big family of snooker and O2O! The online to offline mode of snooker has rapidly broadened the business channels of dealers, online marketing and offline transactions, allowing dealers to quickly connect with customers on the network. Don't hesitate to join us immediately, let's go!
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