light fittings found damaged at chennai airport

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-05
Three threshold fixtures, two end fixtures and one close to the fixture were found damaged at Chennai airport on Sunday.
A senior AAI official told Hindus that the incident came to light when an electrical vehicle went to check the main runway in the morning.
Officials immediately passed the information to the tarmac Control Department, which found aircraft tire marks during the inspection
The threshold area is about 450 away from the touch area.
Airport Authority of India (AAI)
Officials said they could not immediately identify the airline that damaged the lights.
A senior official said preliminary investigation revealed that damage could have been caused by a cargo plane.
The captain of the plane that damaged the lights left without even informing the authorities.
A senior AAI official said it was a major violation that was not reported recently.
The pilot of the cargo airline should inform the authorities that he landed the plane before the threshold area.
A former AAI official said that more than 20 years ago, when an Indian air pilot of an overhead 310 aircraft landed in front of the restricted area, similar incidents were reported.
The tires of the plane exploded.
The director of the Civil Aviation Administration ordered an investigation into Sunday\'s incident.
The AAI authorities say further investigations are underway.
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