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Ligao Zhongshan Plaza, China


"LIGAO PLAZA" is located in Fuhua Avenue, Western District, Zhongshan, which is a large-scale project invested by Zhongshan Aoligao Investment and Development Co., Ltd, meanwhile, it is the second large construction project of comprehensive reform experimental area of service industry in Western District. The total investment of 1.74 billion Yuan, covers an area of 58,000 square meters, construction area of 360,000 square meters, plans to build a five-star hotel, business center and serviced apartments. There are six high-rise residential, one commercial plaza, one hotel and a four-storey high-rise parking and 48,000 square meters of underground garage. There will be a multifunctional large leisure commercial project with shopping, dining and entertainment, culture and social.

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 Usual Mode

The use of warm light lights up the low-level part of the hotel, and the floodlight at the residential refuge storey, highlights the outline of the residential buildings. It enhances the overall sense of the grand hotel, residential and commercial real estate from using accent lighting at the hotel building and the top floor of the residential building.

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Weekend Mode

The use of warm light to lit up the vertical face of the hotel enhances the outline of the hotel. The top of the hotel and residential building strengthen the overall sense of the grand hotel, residential and commercial real estate. In particular, using floodlight at residential refuge storey, it keeps the residence in safe and tranquil surroundings.

Festival Mode

The external walls of the hotel are floodlit in this period. The beautiful curved line of the commercial district contrasts to the straight light of the facade, which creates a bright and happy festival air.
The curved line of the commercial district can be changed by residence’s preference. Such as: chasing, meteoric and trailing effects.

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