Letter of credit is no longer a roadblock, all copper lamp LC orders shipped yesterday

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
On January 16, the first order for the export of the all-copper lamp in the form of a letter of credit was successfully shipped. At this point, it has rewritten the history of snooker all-copper lamps that dare not accept LC orders. As we all know, the international payment method for large orders is LC, that is, letter of credit. This was originally a better way to ensure the interests of both buyers and sellers, but for many all copper enterprises, due to its difficult operation, many soft terms and the evil fraud of international buyers, most of the Guangdong copper lamp manufacturers talk about the letter of credit. In order to change this situation, snooker all-copper lamp boldly started to use personnel with professional letter of credit operation experience and cooperated with professional foreign trade companies to finally reach the first LC order in history. After nearly two months of intense production, with the completion of relevant customs declaration and inspection work. Shipped smoothly yesterday. This will undoubtedly open up a broader road for the future development of snooker's all-copper lamp business.
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