led tube light (ac)

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-06
My friend Justin wants me to help make an LED light so this is the result that all of you can see.
The tube lamp is a row of LEDs that operate at an AC voltage of 110 or 220 V, just like your normal fluorescent tube lamp.
List of required parts.
Very bright white LED of 100 Block or more 5mm size. 1-
Or more non-polarized capacitors. 33uF to .
47uF rated voltage from-250 v to 300 v---110v AC1-
Or more non-polarized capacitors.
22 uF rated voltage 400 V-
For AC1 or more resistors of 1 k-For 220 V1 watt for ----
Resistance of 110v AC1 or more than 1 k-1/2 watt for ----
220v AC 2 inch width and 4 feet long PVC concealed wiring rigid Batten.
Switch, wire, wall plug, welding, etc.
In this step, the PVC concealed cloth lines of 2 inch wide and 4 feet long are used.
Fix two rows of 15 LEDs with a 1 inch gap.
These 30 LED is a market segment.
Fix 3 clips of 90 LED shown in the photo.
Follow the circuit diagram in detail.
The gap between the LED should be 1 inch in order to cover the PVC slats of 4 feet.
The 3 sections should be connected parallel to the house AC socket. (110 volts)Put an on-
Turn off the switch before connecting to the housing outlet.
Your downlight is ready.
Turn it on and enjoy the soft light.
This circuit is for those who have 220 v ac for the house.
I added this step for them.
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