LED lighting company 'channel + marketing' two hands

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-26

Do not fight the scale of the channel, do not fight the background marketing, in the lighting and lighting stores oversupply is getting higher and higher today, this new concept of investment is increasingly accepted and respected by the majority of places. The channel is on the left and the marketing is on the right. For the investment promotion and operation of the store, both are indispensable.

 Early warning store investment overheated

 Looking through recent media reports, there is an endless stream of news about the opening of lighting stores or investment.

 On May 28th, EME Industry sponsored the promotion of regional economic development and created an industrial cluster platform; 2013 Central Industry Development Summit Forum, the overall planning and investment plan of EME Industry Project was made at the meeting, Read detailed description.

It is not difficult to know from the above. In 2013, the opening of the lighting and lighting stores and the craze for investment promotion have increased. Nowadays, how many new wall sconce and lighting stores are there in the country? In fact, it is difficult to count. However, in the Pearl River Delta region alone, Guangzhou Optics Valley, Foshan South China (International) Electric  Source  City, Jiangmen Guangbohui, Shenzhen Huanan City, Zhongshan Xiaolan LED Kyushu City and other stores are under construction or inviting investment. In the ancient town of Zhongshan, which is known as the capital of Chinese lighting, there are a large number of emerging stores.

Industry veterans admit that today, the competition between lighting and lighting stores is as intense as between companies. In fact, it is precisely because of the frequent expansion of new stores and the fierce competition in the market, the remarks about overheated investment in stores, oversupply in stores, and overcapacity in the stores have once again become rampant.

 Excessive market controversy

 At this stage, is the lighting lighting store really oversupply? If so, why are there a large number of stores flooding in or expanding? With this question, the reporter visited some professional lighting stores in the country.

 Nowadays, the lighting store is indeed in the stage of “supply exceeds demand”. In order to generate the agglomeration effect, the sales areas of lamps in some cities are relatively concentrated, but the homogenization of the stores and the homogenization of products and the assimilation of prices make the comprehensive advantages of competition in individual stores not obvious. 
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