LED light source of 10 big advantage

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-18
LED light source of 10 big advantages of ultra-low energy consumption compared with the floodlight lighting energy consumption reduced by 80%! Only use the traditional light 20% 30% of the electricity. Long life our traditional lamp and energy-saving lamp life 2000 hours - 8000 hours, and led light life can reach 50000 hours - 100000 hours. The response time of the response time of the lighting for millisecond level or second level, the response time of the led lights for nanosecond. Working LED can use the low voltage power supply voltage, the input voltage can be in 6 - Between 24 v or 80 v - Between 265 v, and varies according to the product, so it is better than traditional lighting to adapt to the input voltage range, will not make by too high or too low voltage lighting termination of life, but frequent switch, use wide voltage ac input. Comply with the eu ROHS standard of green environmental protection, no mercury, lead free, no glare, no ultraviolet radiation, LED is made from non-toxic material, unlike fluorescent mercury can cause pollution, LED can also be recycled at the same time. Leds are fully encapsulated inside the loop oxygen resin, it is strong than light bulbs and fluorescent tube. No loose parts in the body, these characteristics make LED is not easy to damage, strong and durable. Don't hire mosquito diodes with LED technology, the use of cold light source, so don't hire mosquitoes. Customize color change current can change color, leds conveniently by the methods of chemical modification, adjust the material of the band structure and the band gap, red yellow green blue orange polychromatic light. Such as small current when the red LED, with the increase of current, can in turn into orange, yellow, and finally for the green. Vision according to characteristics of lighting environment, like sunlight, bright, clear, real, comfortable! Watch the tiny objects, real, not fuzzy! Watch color body, the surface color saturation is high, the real color; The moving object visual location are accurate and true; The human eye visual nerve comfortable, not tired, can protect the eyes from the wound. Applicability due to the LED lamp low energy, green environmental protection, long service life, wide application, can be applied to various places, including indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, car lamps, etc. Simple installation LED lighting installation is simple, easy to replace, example: traditional incandescent light bulbs, and fluorescent tube, and only replace the original lamp in the original position to replace good LED lights. Related searches: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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