led is the star of the season

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-24
Christmas is coming, with bright stars shining in shops and markets, decorating the season.
The Star of Christmas, associated with the Star of Bethlehem, revealed to the Bible magazine the birth of Jesus Christ, and later led them to Bethlehem, before the Christmas celebration, decoration is an inevitable part of the city\'s market with a wide variety of stars.
Traditional stars, mainly made of paper and similar things, have a large share in the market, with various sizes and prices, from Rs to Rs. 5 to Rs. 2,000.
Chinese stars named after popular movies are a big attraction this season.
The \"2g spectrum\" stars that appeared a few years ago are still in business, while the Premam stars and the Ennu Ninte Moideen stars are one of the latest additions.
However, competition from fiber optic and LED stars is fierce.
In fact, the appearance of LED stars turned several appliance stores into star sellers.
The biggest advantage of the LED version over the traditional version is that the power consumption is minimal, and don\'t forget the fact that they can be reused for several years.
The price starts with rupee.
150 and up to Rs.
1,500, the cost depends on the design and model, single lamp, multi-lamp
There are too many varieties of lights and \"chasers\" lights.
No stars have appeared this year, mixing traditional and LED together, and LED lights inside the paper or fiber body.
\"Rain is a major reason why many people choose LED products,\" Balu said . \" Balu operates an appliance store in Thakaraparambu.
The LED stars are actually ready-made and do not need to repair the bulbs or pull wires.
\"All you need to do is plug it in,\" he added . \".
With more models and models of LED products coming up, vendors believe that the era of LED will be overshadowed, and in a few years they will eliminate traditional stars.
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