LED industry 'counterfeiting' dealers, what do you think?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-19


 In the wall sconce and lighting industry, counterfeiting and plagiarism are all market ills, and it is urgent to cure them. Fortunately, in the face of the phenomenon that counterfeit products are flooding the market and intellectual property rights are repeatedly violated, relevant departments and enterprises have already taken action and hit hard. Terminal merchants have also begun to work together and fight together. Yes, we all want to be good.

 Vow not to give the counterfeiter a living space

 Gao Yanlong, General Manager of Tianji Electric and Changfang  Gansu Operation Center

 For the phenomenon of counterfeit products, in addition to our own supervision and prevention, we must also call on the state to increase the protection of intellectual property rights. However, the current protection is far from enough. In addition, consumers' incomprehension and irrationality only buy so-called brands, not real brands, which leads to fake goods in the market and infringes on the legitimate interests of genuine manufacturers. If a business encounters a counterfeit product that it is operating, it should promptly complain and report it.


 What do you think of dealers in the LED industry?

 The development of the LED industry is at an early stage and the market is chaotic. The reason why this phenomenon occurs, in my opinion: 壹 is the driving force of interests; second, the supervision of the industrial and commercial departments is not in place. At this stage, many companies engage in price competition and reduce costs. The facts show that at the expense of the quality of products, manufacturers will only get worse and worse. The key to preventing counterfeiting in enterprises is to find a balance between the cost and quality of the product, so as not to give the counterfeiters any living space.

 Small workshops for counterfeiting music

 Hao Xiaozheng, General Manager of Xi'an Benbang

 I am resolutely resisting counterfeiting. Counterfeit products are shoddy, which damages the brand image and may cause harm to consumers.

 The different levels of demand in the market are by no means the cause of counterfeit products. The main reason why counterfeit products are repeatedly banned in the market is that counterfeit goods rely on the brand advantage of authentic products to make profits in the market with price difference, and many small enterprises and small workshops are very keen on this.

 The brand-name manufacturers should have a stronger sense of self-protection. Once they find that the market sells counterfeit products, they should find out the source of production and eliminate them from the root causes. As a distributor, we should resolutely Resist counterfeit products. Counterfeit products are illegal and intellectual property is inviolable.

 Fighting against counterfeiting from the source

 Nowadays, many lighting and wall sconce companies with independent intellectual property rights are in a dilemma: on the other hand, there is an urgent need to convey to the market the advantages of the products they own; on the other hand, they must be wary of the ambiguity of many competitors. In the exhibitions in recent years, many companies with intellectual property rights dare not arrange the physical objects to the scene, but invite the merchants to visit the enterprises separately. At the dealer level, we also often go to the door to post notices of peers and indecent assaults.

 It is obviously unethical and illegal for companies that do not have R&D and design capabilities to rely on low-cost cloning to plagiarize the labor of others and enjoy huge commercial interests. However, due to the weakness of law enforcement forces, this phenomenon has been repeatedly banned, thus hurting the healthy and healthy competitive environment of the industry.

 It is difficult to avoid infringement of intellectual property rights from the current situation. This should be protected by law, and now it is basically self-protection. The reason is that the technical threshold for counterfeiting is low; the second is that the illegal cost of counterfeiting is low. There are thousands of upstream production companies, and how to identify counterfeiting requires a lot of time and effort. Even if it is identified, it will be carried out through lengthy procedures. The result is often unacceptable to the company and has little effect.

 Therefore, it is imperative that policy makers set standards from the source, improve the threshold for entry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, support and incubate large enterprises, eliminate the infringing black sheep, and fundamentally establish industry norms and law-abiding. Integrity and orderly competition. Tips: [Follow the WeChat public number nine positive lighting network; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Custom chandelier has become a crucial product for marketers, especially when it comes to brand building and engaging potential customers.
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