Layout requirements of all copper glass solder lamps for different groups of people

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
In the past articles, the author introduced the lighting of all-copper glass solder lamp furniture. Today, we walk into the lighting requirements of different groups of people for all-copper glass solder lamp. As we all know, lamps and lanterns have long been an unattainable existence to embellish the beauty of the living room. All-copper glass solder lamps are also born with the opportunity. Clear living rooms and quiet bedrooms cannot be separated from the decoration of all-copper glass solder lamps. However, due to different ages, educational levels and household environments, there are also different standards for some specific requirements for all-copper glass solder lamps. In the following, we will elaborate the specific requirements of consumers at different levels for the lighting of all-copper glass solder lamps, so as to effectively guide consumption: 1. The requirements of the elderly for the lighting of all-copper glass solder lamps. As we all know, the living habits of the elderly are simple and quiet. The colors and shapes of the lamps used should set off the elegant and generous demeanor of the elderly. The main lamp can be combined with a unit-shaped all-copper glass solder lamp chandelier or ceiling lamp. At the same time, because the elderly are often weak and sick, they are inconvenient to move. In order to facilitate the elderly to get up at night, or emergency. We should set up a low-light all-copper glass solder lamp as a pilot lamp at the head of the bed. 2. Middle-aged people's requirements for all-copper glass solder lamp lighting. The middle-aged people are the leader of the family and the pillar of the career, and the requirements for the lighting of all-copper glass solder lamps. The shape and color strive to be simple and clear. Cloth lamps should not only reflect personality, but also reflect the style of the main body, such as using a rotary arm desk lamp or floor lamp to facilitate study and work. 3. Young people's requirements for all-copper glass solder lamp lighting. Young people should highlight new, strange and special lighting. The main lamp should show personality, creative shape and bright colors. The wall lamp requires love as the theme in the shape, and the light source requires warmth and romance (Especially girls) 4. Children's requirements for all-copper glass solder lamp lighting. Children's lighting is unpredictable, highlighting a strange, increasing children's imagination and facilitating intellectual development. Lighting modeling and color should not only reflect children's interest, but also be conducive to children's healthy growth. The main Lamp strives to be simple and lively. Simple chandeliers or ceiling lamps can be used. The lights on the desktop for homework should be bright. Animal-shaped desk lamps can be used. However, attention should be paid to ensuring illuminance. Due to children's strong curiosity and mobility, therefore, the lighting is absolutely safe and reliable.
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