laser pens have safety-minded seeing red

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
Published online at 9: 01 on November 30, 1998m. EST (0201 GMT)SAN FRANCISCO (CNN)--
Executives with beautiful pocket pointers often highlight their power display, which can be too powerful ---
Even dangerous. -
In the wrong hands.
More and more laser pens are being used for unexpected uses, and this trend is beginning to show red to many people.
Michelle Vincent of Sharper Image says most customers buy key laser key chains at her store to make an electronic version of the cat pounce for their pets.
Cats will chase them.
If you put them on the ground, they will go crazy.
\"They love them,\" she said of the novel laser that sent out at least 500 yards of fine red beams.
But many viewers who accidentally watch laser pen lights have begun to dislike them, just as naughty users in cinemas target large screens.
\"It not only annoys other customers, but it also destroys the whole movie and the whole environment,\" said Kris Ajel of AMC theater . \".
The price of some laser indicators has dropped below $10, which makes these gadgets top the list of distractions that classroom teachers have to hit.
\"The children point to each other.
They pointed to the teacher.
You know how fast these things run.
They are flashing around the classroom, \"said Trish Bascom of the San Francisco United School District.
Using small pens creates panic outside of school.
In San Jose, California, a police officer cut his light and jumped when he saw a laser coming in from his back window.
\"The next thing I imagine is that my window will start to break and my house will be full of bullets,\" Sgt said . \".
Derek Edwards, he is worried that the light may be a hightech weapon.
The culprit is a child with a laser pointer.
Other contact with the laser generated a more serious close call.
In last July, a roller coaster operator at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania claimed that the laser flash had temporarily blinded him.
Authorities identified the incident as putting 32 roller coaster passengers at risk and accused laser user Michael Woods of being reckless and endangered. The U. S.
The Food and Drug Administration and the eye doctor have warned that the laser can cause serious damage to the human eye, and that the laser is a modern version of the classic pokesomeone\'s-eye-
Warning the teacher
\"When it hits the retina, if the intensity of the light, the energy level of the light is very large, it causes damage.
If the duration is long enough.
So I think the possibility of permanent vision loss is there . \"Robert Neger.
Reporter Don Knapp has contributed to this report.
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