Large five-star hotel non-standard engineering lighting orders settled

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-03
After three months of intense tracking and negotiation, yesterday's snooker all-copper lamp signed a non-standard engineering lighting order. This non-standard engineering lamp is an all-copper American chandelier, which is used in the guest rooms and some public spaces of a five-star hotel dedicated to foreign affairs and large-scale competitions. This non-standard engineering lamp has a total of 2400 pieces. Break through all the non-standard engineering lamps since the history of snooker. In order to achieve the effect of non-standard engineering lamps, snooker Meiju flew to the project site six times in three months, repeated communication with the designer, the engineering Party and the property management Party on the light body structure, safety measures, appearance proportion and construction technology of customized non-standard engineering lamps. Eight times for this non-standard engineering lighting proofing was finally recognized. This is also a very challenging attempt as far as snooker Mercure all copper lamps are concerned. Because this lamp not only requires high craftsmanship, but also uses high-tech means to complete the molding of some accessories. In the words of Mr. Liao Tianyuan, general manager of the production of all-copper lamps in snooker, for us, making this non-standard engineering lamp mainly exercises our production and design capabilities, what is more important is that the whole production team and even the staff have been greatly improved through proofing; . This batch of non-standard engineering lighting orders are scheduled to be delivered within 70 days.
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