langley man who shone laser at rcmp helicopter sentenced

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-16
A 30-year-
Old man Lanley took a green laser indicator on the RCMP helicopter and he got a five
Including a night curfew, a one-year probation, and a conditional monthly sentence prohibiting the possession of lasers.
Alexander William Schiller was accused of mischief and violation of Air Canada law for endangering aircraft, interfering with crew members and causing airspace hazards.
On October, he admitted all three charges and was sentenced in Vancouver on Tuesday.
On April 2011, Schiller pointed a glowing green laser indicator to the sky on a police helicopter.
The beam was too bright to force the crew to install night vision equipment.
Some green laser indicators can produce beams 35 times stronger than similar red laser indicators, and can cause permanent eye damage in a second. Cpl.
Curtis blasington, a flying officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said that the flash of a small laser at the airport or in a helicopter may be immediately blinded.
\"It\'s like someone opening a huge green bulb in the cockpit,\" he said . \".
Jason Krupa, an official lawyer, said most crimes involving laser targeting aircraft were not pursued, but in this case, because the target was the police.
\"In fact, it\'s a police helicopter, which means they have equipment that is easier to find him, but the risk is the same whether it\'s a civilian aircraft, a commercial aircraft, a police helicopter.
This is very dangerous, \"says Krup PA.
The judge agreed with the royal family.
In her sentencing, she said the crime was serious and dangerous for airlines.
Schiller wrote a letter of apology to the participating RCMP pilot and repeated the apology outside the Vancouver court.
\"I will say I apologize.
This is a reckless and foolish thing.
That was a few years ago.
We have dealt with it now . \"
Pilots across Canada continue to deal with the problem.
In the past 12 months, Transport Canada has recorded about 60 copies about B. C.
There are about 350 reports across Canada.
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