Lamps and lanterns of fire prevention requirements

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-18
Lamps and lanterns of fire prevention requirements ( 1) High temperature near the fuel on the surface of the illuminator, heat insulation, heat dissipation and other fire protection measures should be taken; ( 2) Tungsten halogen lamp and rated power is 100 w and 100 w more than incandescent bulbs dome light, lamp, the introduction of embedded lights line porcelain tube should be adopted, the burning material such as asbestos, glass wool insulation protection; ( 3) More than 60 w incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamp, fluorescent and high pressure mercury lamp ( Including ballast) And should not be installed directly on the combustible decoration materials or flammable components; Combustible goods warehouse should be not installed halogen tungsten lamp and other high temperature illuminator relevant search: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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