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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-17
There are all kinds of lamps and lanterns in the market, but different people have different aesthetics, and personalized needs are increasingly becoming the mainstream. Mr. Wang, an old customer of snooker, found us today and told us that we had taken a fancy to the SZ50838 series of chandeliers. However, due to the size of our own room, our existing regular size is not suitable and needs to be customized. Our senior designer tailored a set of SZ50838-with a size of W720 * H 540 for Mr. Wang according to his situation-05 2. After seeing the design drawings, Mr. Wang was very satisfied and immediately decided to place an order. Snooker Mercure has developed and produced all-copper lamps for 18 years, serving more than 25000 customers nationwide and receiving unanimous praise from many new and old customers. For the customization of lamps, we will look for snooker House. Our experienced designers will customize the lamps to your satisfaction according to your requirements. Snooker House-A customized manufacturer of lamps to your satisfaction.
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