Kazakhstan Imperial Hotel custom copper engineering lamps passed the acceptance

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-02
Yesterday, Mr. Carl, the general manager of the Kazakhstan Imperial Hotel Hotel, brought the designer of the wine shop, Nurlan, to our company to conduct on-the-spot acceptance of the all-copper engineering lamps in the hotel dining space. The appearance, electrical safety, packaging, proportion structure and color of their lamps have been comprehensively and strictly checked. Finally, they agreed that these all-copper engineering lamps shown by our company met the designer's requirements. Mr. Carl said that all the engineering lamps of the company's chain hotels will be produced by our company. According to the design of Nurlan, the era of his design of this engineering lamp is rolling forward, and the hotel business is booming. Its design was inspired by car wheels. The minimum diameter of this engineering lamp is 48 CM, and its manufacture is quite difficult. In order to achieve satisfactory results, the designers of snooker House, through repeated communication with hardware, mold and other related professionals, the spinning molding method was finally adopted for production. The weight of its single mold has reached 580. It has set a record high. Even the master who has been engaged in spinning work for more than 10 years said that such a large copper engineering lamp spinning mold is rare.
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