Kabala life tree and the indissoluble bond of all-copper chandelier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
The tree of life is used to describe the path to God and the way God created the world from nothing. Kabala scholars use the tree of life as a schematic diagram of creation, thus developing the concept of creation into a complete reality model, however, with the continuous development of the all-copper lighting industry and the peculiar inspiration of various designers, the tree of life and the beautiful meaning of the tree of life are ingeniously integrated and designed to develop the tree of life of all-copper chandeliers. The tree of life in the all-copper chandelier is like a process in which only a blooming flower slowly opens, and the copper tube next to the middle column bends upward like a process in which a flower bone slowly opens, the three-dimensional upward meaning of the lamp arm is constantly upward and getting better and better. The overall structure of the tree of life with all-copper chandeliers makes people see the process of continuous upward and continuous opening, as if our life is endless. Nowadays, the full copper chandelier of the tree of life has entered many families, and many lighting stores will hang a large full copper chandelier of the tree of life in the center of their stores, implying prosperous business and rolling financial resources.
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