Joker copper chandelier SZ07088-12 Real shot effect appreciation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-16
Home decoration to buy lamps is to choose a versatile style, the same lamp is also suitable for installation in the living room, installation in the bedroom is also suitable, installation is good-looking. Snooker all copper chandelier SZ07088- 12 is a versatile style, whether it is the living room or the bedroom, can be easily controlled, do not believe, you can see the real shot effect of this lamp installed in different areas. Shenzhen's customer, Miss Liu, chose this lamp to be installed in the master bedroom. The customer's bedroom is luxurious and European-style. Due to the large bedroom area, the customer did not consider the all-copper ceiling lamp, instead, I chose this SZ07088- 12 All-copper chandeliers, classic bronzes and bedroom bedding and curtains are all matched, and there is no sense of discord. The following is the effect of turning off the lights after installation by the customer. The following installation real shot is the effect of Mr. Wang's installation in the living room in Jiangxi, and it is also a classic European-style living room. Mr. Wang's home belongs to the simple European decoration style, simple decoration, SZ07088- 12 The requirements for floor height are not high, and it is just right to be installed in the living room. At the same time, because of its classical elegance, the living room is more spacious and more classy. The picture below shows the real shot effect of the light installed in the living room.
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