[Jiangsu] Wuxi New Bus Installation Intelligent LED Screen Adds Tips for Vehicle Movement Function-Jiangsu-People's Republic of China Transportation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

Recently, 96 new buses purchased by Wuxi City Bus have been equipped with intelligent LED screens, which have the function of reminding the vehicles to remind the public to pay attention to the movement of the vehicles.

With the continuous application of Wuxi public transport intelligent system, our bus enterprises continue to innovate management and service functions. In the early stage, based on the GPS positioning system, realizing the real-time monitoring of buses and automatic reporting of vehicles, the bus companies are This year's new 96 buses are equipped with large and wide intelligent LED screens. The original LED screen at the rear of the bus is narrower and generally only displays two or three digits. Therefore, the original LED screen generally only displays the road, cannot display more text, and the display cannot be linked with the vehicle control. The new bus LED screen can display the bus driver's exit, turn and other operational trends in real time, reminding the rear vehicle to maintain a safe distance to prevent traffic accidents. Health, cherish food, frugal dining, and elegant food.

(Original title: [Jiangsu] Wuxi new bus installation intelligent LED screen New tips vehicle movement function - Jiangsu - People's Republic of China Ministry of Transport)

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