Jiangsu Suzhou Mr. Yao aisle copper chandelier SZ50701-03 appreciation of installation effect

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
Many people think that the aisle is relatively small and the position is not conspicuous. They think that if you choose some downlights casually, the small ceiling lamp will be finished. In fact, it is not the same, for example, our customer installed this all-copper chandelier SZ50701-03. Mr. Yao in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, is a Villa decoration, because his home is mainly based on American decoration style, because the height of the floor allows, not only to install all-copper chandeliers in the porch, the aisle is also intended to install a full copper chandelier. We recommended SZ50701- 03 this lamp, simple and elegant American small chandelier, pure white frosted glass lampshade makes the light softer and less dazzling. The main copper ring of all copper, the wall of all copper lamp and the classic bronze color are matched, elegance has a retro flavor. Since Mr. Yao's Villa corridor is a narrow corridor, three identical all-copper chandeliers are installed side by side on the corridor, and the following are appreciated together. Snooker is a lighting manufacturer that has been researching, developing and producing all-copper lamps for 18 years. It has been carefully making lamps, serving every customer with its heart, fearing every penny of customers, and looking for snooker when purchasing all-copper chandeliers, hotline number: 400-800-7609.
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