Jiangsu Miss Liu ordered SZ50317 series copper chandelier installation completed

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
The SZ50317 series of all-copper chandeliers purchased by Miss Liu of Jiangsu province were all installed today! The customer found us in the Tmall of snoumeiju and told us that he was a whole home decoration and a commercial house. The floor height was not very high. He wanted us to recommend some all-copper chandeliers suitable for their floor height and area. After understanding the customer's basic information, the SZ50317 series of all copper chandeliers are recommended. This lamp does not have much requirement on the height of the floor, and the height is very suitable for commercial housing. Because the customer is a living room and a dining room, 6 heads are installed in the dining room, and 10 heads are placed in a large living room, so that the overall matching feels, it was shown to the customer that the matching effect was made with the matching lamp system. After showing it to the customer, the customer was very satisfied and decided to choose the same series for the living room and the dining room. The dining room SZ50317- 06 size is: 720*480, living room: SZ50317-The size of 10 is: 960*480. The following figure shows the installation effect of customer feedback. To learn more about all-copper chandelier styles, call the national toll-free hotline of snooker: 400-800-7609. Welcome to inquire!
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