Jade - Import crystalline light simple elegant crystal droplight

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-09-09
Lamp is acted the role of the characteristics of The Times to promote personalized, but also in the field of household lamps and lanterns. From & other; Light & throughout; To & other; Lighting & throughout; Transition, the pursuit of extraordinary, make lamp act the role ofing household is an important part of the personality, fashion, practical function and decorate function with remaining lighting has become a common choice of more and more people. — — JD throw in the previous crystalline light feeling heavy and complicated, instead, the exquisite and unique, build give a kind of low-key luxury and romantic atmosphere. — — — — JD droplight volume small, the smooth arc and round, round harmonious together. Unique design style, the clear crystal glass with pendant collocation, the warm comfort of person has, is rich in its strong stereoscopic effect. Use candles around in a circle, give a person a kind of lights dim feeling, make the space is full of poetic. — — — — JD free line, the artistic full play, bring strong senses. Light candles bulb on the bowl, combine traditional lighting lighting combined with crystal droplight decorative function, will this artistic candle chandelier, show incisively and vividly. — — — — JD low-key color, fine texture, comfort and pleasure, the droplight combines simplicity and moist full marks, very fashionable and elegant. Petite size can meet the requirement of more space, simple and warm both Jane Europe and modern elegant style decorates a style can suit. — — Origin: European source number: six types: droplight crystal droplight brands: other/other models: 0170 - 6 - Who intelligent type: type does not support intelligent lamps and lanterns shape: number of chandelier lamp holder: six lamp and auxiliary material: crystal light area: 15 ㎡ - 30 ㎡ warranty period: 2 years color classification: high nickel/lead crystal ( 6) spot Lamp body is the main material: copper source types: incandescent energy-saving lamps LED lamps and lanterns is whether or not to bring a light source, with no light source power: 31 w ( ) - 40W( ) Voltage: 111 v to 240 v ( ) Apply space: restaurant study other/other bedroom style: European style
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