island lights, not just for kitchens

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-14
When setting up a pool table in your rec room, basement or garage, consider: it\'s not easy to play the pool in the dark.
Although you may be skilled, it is not feasible to play the pool without proper lighting!
The solution to this easily avoided disaster: Island lights.
Some of you may already be familiar with island lighting as it is usually used on the island in the kitchen.
In fact, most new homes are already equipped with island lights without track lighting.
Occasionally, the bar and buffet in the restaurant are sometimes equipped with this lighting for aesthetic and practical purposes.
As mentioned earlier, Island lights are usually installed above the island in the kitchen.
Usually in the chandelier or ceiling light section of your hardware or lighting store, the island light is not fresh and it is designed to illuminate almost any room, not just your kitchen.
For example, the pool table and rec room we mentioned at the beginning of the article.
Pool table lights can be in a variety of styles, such as linear chandeliers with two or three fixtures, or even ceiling pendants in a horizontal style.
The pool hall usually selects the latter of the two styles, some even designed to be lampshades, placing the lighting directly on the table.
At home, you are free to choose the same style or a completely different modern style.
The restaurant can also use these same types of lighting, usually in a bar or a cafeteria.
Island lights and rail lights can be used for aesthetic and utilitarian purposes, as mentioned earlier.
For dining scenes, it is sometimes best to use a flush ceiling mounting device instead of an alternative to hanging.
Unless you have a restaurant with a fairly high ceiling, the island light on the table will make the room look rather small and claustrophobic.
It is important to consider what impact the lighting will have on anywhere in your home, whether it is a lounge, a dining room, or a kitchen.
Luckily, the lights on the island can easily solve your pool table and dining problems.
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