Is this the installation effect diagram of European lamps you are looking?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
Since the official website of snooker lighting was put into operation, customers from all over the world have added a channel for buying lights. However, some customers have always reported that there are only pictures of lamps on the website, which does not look intuitive enough, so there will be many doubts before customers place orders. For example: Does this lamp look good on the picture? Is this light installed in my house? And so on. Take European-style lamps as an example. This style of lamps itself is more versatile, and the style is relatively beautiful. However, due to the customer's consideration of the installation effect and collocation, we have always had a sense of distance from the customer on these issues. In order to solve customers' doubts and needs, our company has also introduced a lamp distribution system; To solve the problem of the installation effect of lamps for customers and to shorten the sense of distance between us and customers. Today, I have compiled a lot of European lighting installation renderings to share with you.
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