Is there a big difference in the price of copper lamps with similar styles and different workmanship?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
When recommending all-copper lamp styles to customers, we often encounter such a problem: These two lamps look similar in shape, why is the price higher? For this question, I have to talk to you. The price of copper lamps with similar styles and different workmanship is actually quite different. Usually, the two models look the same. The workmanship is simple, relatively less delicate, the cost will be lower, and the natural price will be lower. The work is more complicated, the process will be more, the cost will be higher, so the price is higher. Compared with the two candle chandeliers shown in the figure below, the shape looks similar, but obviously SZ40701-06 relatively simple, SZ22030- The lamp plate part of 06 is made of Dewaxed copper, with exquisite lines, and the whole lamp looks thick and textured. To sum up, in fact, there is still a certain gap between the prices of 2 all-copper lamps with similar styles and different workmanship. After all, all-copper lamps are indeed worth a penny!
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