Is the living room light at home too bright?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Recently, many customers will ask a question when they are lighting, that is, how much power should be used for lamps. I don't know much about the design of lighting effects, especially the main lights at home- Living room lights, lamps in this area are always inaccurate in controlling brightness. Is it good that the living room lights are too bright? If the living room lights at home are too bright, there is no doubt that they cost electricity first, and the high-power bulbs naturally consume a lot of electricity. ; Secondly, turning on the light when watching TV also has a certain effect on vision. So remind everyone that you can have a desk lamp in the living room for watching TV. It is very important to choose the brightness of the lamps. The lights that are too dark and too bright in the living room are harmful to the human body.
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