Is the choice of restaurant chandeliers too tangled? Tell you how to match?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
The restaurant is the main place for the family to eat. The choice of restaurant chandeliers plays a very important role in the overall decoration of the restaurant. Therefore, when choosing restaurant lamps, one should know how to match them. In this way, when you eat, you will be more romantic and warm, and you will be able to make your family's feelings more cohesive. How should the restaurant chandeliers be matched? Let's talk about snooker. The material, color and shape of the restaurant chandelier must be coordinated with the decoration design style of the furniture and the overall space. The modern style dining table with simple lines is also matched with chandeliers with glass and stainless steel lampshades. If it is a wooden or marble table top table, you can choose a restaurant chandelier made of parchment, imitation marble or a combination of copper and frosted glass. Open restaurants are often integrated with the living room or kitchen. Therefore, the choice of restaurant chandelier style should take into account the room decoration style connected with it, or modern, classical, or Chinese, or European style. If it is an independent restaurant, the choice and combination of lamps can be done at will, as long as the overall style of furniture is matched. In a word, different restaurant chandeliers will show different light and shadow effects due to different structures and installation positions, in the matching of lamps, it is necessary to select lamps in primary and secondary order according to personal eating habits and the actual situation of placing dining tables, chairs, tableware, etc. to show a rich sense of hierarchy.
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