Is O2O lighting joining mode good or not?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
As of July, the mode of snooker and Mercure O2O has been opened for about 5 months. Some dealers who are waiting to see are hesitant and still asking: is it good to join the mode of snooker and Mercure O2O? Xiao Bian told you that whether it is good or not is not oral, we have to look at the results. Zeng Zong of Jiangsu Yancheng Red Star meikailong Mingdeng Gonghe signed an O2O cooperation agreement with us in March. After the model was opened, there were O2O orders from April to July, today, another order was pushed to Zeng's store. When we pushed the order to Zeng Zong, he sincerely thanked us for snooker, and he felt that this lighting joining mode was a real cooperation mode that benefited him. In the past few months, in addition to Tmall push of orders, we have also pushed customers to Zeng's store, allowing customers to directly select money in the store and let customers find the door themselves. The joining mode of snooker and Mercure O2O lighting is just like this, which makes it easy for dealers to make money, online marketing and offline transactions, so that online customers and dealers can quickly create links and broaden the sales channels of dealers, snooker is the link between customers and dealers. What are you still hesitating about about this lighting joining mode? Hurry up and join the big family of snooker Mercure O2O. For details, call 400-800-7609.
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