Is it difficult for novice lighting to join the business? Don't worry, the plan is ready for you!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-25
In recent years, with the increasing demand in the lighting market, many people are eager to start a business and invest in lighting stores. As a novice, it is not easy for lighting to join the business, but don't worry, snooker has prepared a business plan for you! First, sales positioning, the so-called sales positioning is: what kind of consumer groups are you going to open, is it low-end, or high-end? The sales positioning should be confirmed first, because the sales positioning of the store will affect the development of the whole store, so it is necessary to determine the sales positioning according to the local consumption level. Second, venture capital, generally speaking, if your lighting store is open in second-and third-tier cities, it is expected to need to prepare 5- 100 thousand venture capital, if it is opened in the first-tier cities such as beishangguang, it needs more venture capital, and the liquidity on hand is generally not less than 50 thousand yuan. Third, the location of the store the location of the store determines the quality of your store business in the future. The location of the store is generally recommended to open around the local lighting City or building materials market. If the conditions do not allow, you can also open the key sections of the building materials, choose a place with a large flow of people. Fourth, the early brand, at the beginning of the store, it is recommended to prepare one or two brands to attract consumers in the early stage, to help your store increase popularity, if there is enough strength, you can also choose a manufacturer to do a monopoly.
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