Is it better to use a few watts of light bulb for household European wall lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
Many customers have bought wall lamps, but they don't know how many high-power light sources are suitable. Those with high power are afraid of being too bright and harmful to their eyes. Those with lower power are afraid of too dark light, unable to meet basic lighting requirements. So is it better to use a few watts of bulbs for household European wall lamps? Today, snow Xiaobian will solve this doubt for everyone. European wall lamps are generally used in living rooms, bedrooms, stairwells and other areas. The European wall of the living room is often installed on both sides of the background wall, which can play a very good decorative role. The bulb is 5-20 watts is appropriate; The European wall lamp in the bedroom is basically a bedside wall lamp, and the bulb power is mostly 15- About 40 watts, the light is elegant and harmonious, and the environment can be decorated with elegance and richness, rendering a warm atmosphere. The European wall lamp at the stairs, in addition to the decorative effect, is more important than the lighting effect. Usually, when the family goes up and down the stairs, they need it to guide the way, because as the wall lamp at the stairs, the power of the bulb is naturally larger, and it can be within 40 watts.
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