Is it better to choose square or round for all copper ceiling lamps in the bedroom?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-09
All-copper ceiling lamps are the best choice for bedroom lamps. In the sales process, customers often encounter square all-copper ceiling lamps or round ceiling lamps. So is the bedroom full copper ceiling lamp square or round? 1. According to different House patterns, the round and square of bedroom all-copper ceiling lamps have their own characteristics. For ordinary bedrooms, it is better to choose round all-copper ceiling lamps, because common bedrooms are not very large and relatively square, so the round type is more in line with the room structure. The square room is equipped with a round copper ceiling lamp, which is better to look. The square is round. 2. The bedroom all-copper ceiling lamp chooses a round style. In addition to matching, there is another main feature: round things give people a sense of security. For example, the cabinet will be rounded, at the same time, the round ceiling lamp gives a feeling of perfection. 3. However, for some formal occasions, it is necessary to set off the square, a relatively stiff all-copper ceiling lamp. If it is used in a boys' room, it is generally not required to be too warm, choosing a square all-copper ceiling lamp is also very suitable. Square copper ceiling lamp round copper ceiling lamp
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