Is hotel engineering lighting really so important in hotel decoration?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-10
Maybe you don't know, hotel engineering lamps are very important in hotel decoration design. On the one hand, it should not only meet the lighting requirements of lighting function, but also meet the artistic decoration requirements. Therefore, hotel engineering lamps include functional lighting and artistic lighting. In addition, it is worth noting that hotels with different grades and decoration styles have completely different shapes and combinations of hotel engineering lamps. For example, like the hotel lobby, according to its positioning and its own decoration style. The selection of hotel engineering lamps is also very different. Generally, large crystal lamps, large marble headlights or imitation marble lamps, European chandeliers, iron resin lamps, etc. are used. Obviously, the key point is to select the type according to the overall decoration style. Illumination of hotel engineering lamps at different angles can emphasize space form, interface texture or decoration, and different layout methods can decorate the space interface with light, Halo or light and shadow. In the hall or banquet hall, the design of artificial lighting makes the whole atmosphere full of luxury; In bars or cafes, hidden light sources or dark scattered lighting make the whole atmosphere mysterious and elegant. The decoration function of hotel engineering lamps includes two parts, one is the decoration function of light, and the other is the decoration function of lamps themselves. For example, lighting can form various patterns, which themselves produce a special decorative effect. From some hollowed-out back with decorative patterns or the back with decorative patterns, strong light is applied to make the patterns and patterns produce more prominent decorative effects. In addition, the lamp itself is also very decorative. Through the design of the light intensity and projection angle of hotel engineering lamps, the texture beauty of materials can be fully expressed and the expression of texture texture can be strengthened. Hotel design companies often use this technique to express the integrity of texture. For example, the light is irradiated on a material with reflective properties, which can make the light complement each other and make the room brilliant. In addition to showing the texture beauty of the material, lighting is also conducive to showing the color beauty of the material. Hotel engineering lamps can produce effective lighting effect through special technical treatment. Some hotels have taken this into account in their design. For example, some technical means of filtering, taking a part of the light source, will produce a very artistic decorative effect. The key to the application of hotel engineering lamps lies in how to match various light sources and how to use the combination design of lighting to create the atmosphere required by the hotel and achieve the expected effect.
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