Is full copper lamp better or zinc alloy lamp better?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
At present, there are a wide variety of lamps on the market, and there are all kinds of lamps and lanterns. Some people like shiny crystal lamps, some people like simple wrought iron lamps, some people like retro luxury copper lamps, and others like zinc alloy lamps. Someone asked me, is it a copper lamp or a zinc alloy lamp? 1. As we all know, the lamps made of zinc alloy and copper are more textured. However, zinc alloy is integrally formed, or a combination of several parts, the mold cost is relatively high, the surface is relatively smooth, but if the pattern effect is to be made, it is not as good as copper, and the copper material is generally dyed, can do dewaxing, sand turning, pattern is clear, delicate and delicate, especially antique effect. 2. On the feel, people who buy all-copper lamps will ask a question, that is, how much is this copper lamp in your home? I believe many people also know why this question is asked. If the copper lamp is too light, it will generate doubts. It will not be a real copper lamp. It is too light and has no hand feeling. Therefore, the copper lamp also pays attention to the hand feeling and will be heavier when picked up. The density of copper is greater than that of zinc alloy, so for products of the same volume, the weight of copper is heavier than that of zinc alloy. On the contrary, the volume of zinc alloy and copper with the same weight is much larger than that of copper. 3. On the maintenance of lamps and lanterns is essential. When it comes to maintenance, we will take chandeliers as an example! Generally, zinc alloy chandeliers are made of zinc alloy for decoration, curved arms and lamps outside. If the main body of zinc alloy elbows and zinc alloy chandeliers is not die-cast well, there are many loose holes, in this way, medicine water will be hidden in the electroplating process. When the electroplating is finished, the hidden liquid medicine will slowly seep out and mold will occur. Another point is that the common defect of zinc alloy chandeliers is surface foaming, which will seriously affect the aesthetic degree of lamps. The all-copper lamp can be effectively prevented from rusting after sealing oil treatment. If the surface of the lamp needs to be cleaned at ordinary times, only a dry cloth can be gently wiped. In fact, the longer the copper lamp is used, the more it has a charm, the more retro it looks, and the value of the collection. Copper lamp zinc alloy lamp
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