Introduction of Villa full copper lamp category

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
The Villa full copper lamp contains all kinds of lamps and lanterns, which can be classified according to the use space, material, function and style. The functions of different types of full copper lamps are also different, the following is a brief introduction. According to the use space, Villa all copper lamps are divided into: 1. All-copper lamps in the living room usually use magnificent all-copper chandeliers or semi-ceiling lamps to create an atmosphere for leisure activities in the living room. 2. Bedroom Full copper lamps, including bedroom chandeliers, bedside wall lamps, desk lamps, etc. , are generally used to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. 3. The full copper lamp in the restaurant is mainly used for lighting above the dining table and also plays a certain decorative role. 4. The entrance full copper lamp is basically used for lighting the hall. According to the material: Villa all-copper lamps are divided into all-copper crystal lamps, all-copper marble lamps, all-copper fabric lamps and all-copper glass lamps according to the material. According to the decoration style of the villa, personal preferences are free to choose. According to the function: different villas have different functions of all-copper lamps, which are mainly divided into: All-copper chandeliers, all-copper ceiling lamps, all-copper semi-ceiling lamps, all-copper wall lamps, all-copper floor lamps, all-copper desk lamps and all-copper mirror headlights. According to style: Villa full copper lamps are divided into European full copper lamps, American full copper lamps, Chinese full copper lamps, etc.
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