Introduces a hotel lamp color temperature options

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
1 the choice of lamps and lanterns, security, hotel, first need to consider the safety of the lamp structure, consider the beautiful sex of lamps and lanterns and the coordination with other soft outfit, after is the price factor. Because the hotel lighting are usually customized lamps and lanterns, particularly in the lobby lights, lamps and lanterns is larger, the weight must be low, safety is the first factor. 2 general star hotel, durability, about five years to make a small renovation and maintenance, about a decade as a major renovation of maintenance. Hotel, in other words, the service life of lamp act the role ofing should have less ten or more years, to meet the requirements of star hotel. Because general minor repair will not replace the lamps and lanterns, involves the range of human resources is too big. This means that in the selection of lamps and lanterns, the heat and pressure of lamps and lanterns, including reflective cup, heat dissipation component and fixed ( Positioning) Components, the quality is very important. For the hotel, the main purpose is to transit business and travel, is for the temporary home to rest. So the color temperature requirements and comfortable warmth. LED lighting hotel different space, should be given priority to with warm white light around 3000 k. In addition to wash bath can be more than 3500 k is white or cold white illuminant, other space should be warm white. Warm and comfortable. 3, hotel lighting color rendering index hotel lighting color rendering index according to the requirements of the different functional Spaces is slightly different. In general need high color rendering index or bath rooms and restaurant, lobby lounge area can be slightly lower. Lobby, service desk, guest lounge area requirements, Ra> 85. 4, detail model that includes all aspects of the hotel lamp itself. With average day cylinder lamps as example, its coating quality of the cup ( If metal, surface quality) , smooth degree of reflective cup ( So frosted reflective cup, sandblast evenness) Smallpox, when lamps and lanterns is installed in the ceiling, and surface ( Gypsum board/wood veneer) The joint tightness ( Have you light-leaking) Such details must be noticed. And in addition to lamps and lanterns, installation workers ( Process) Also vital, decorate aspects to take to ensure that the lamps and lanterns is installed in the right way.
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