Interpretation of the working style of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-07
When we walk into the all-copper lamp of snooker House, we will see a line of words written in every office of the company: our working style is: Act now; . The old saying goes: Soldiers are expensive and fast; In today's increasingly fierce competition in the all-copper lamp industry, speed is our magic weapon to obtain the market and take immediate action; It reflects the market concept of all-copper lamp people who live in the United States of snooker. They treat the market quickly and quickly and never say no to the market; . In order to make us better understand the work style of the all-copper lamp of snooker Meiju, the general manager of the all-copper lamp of snooker Meiju told me a deep story. Two young people from Israel and the United States took a boat to a foreign country. After they got off the dock, they saw the luxury yachts on the sea slowly passing by. Both of them were very envious. The Israelis said to the Americans: If only I could have such a ship one day, how nice it would be. ; The Americans also nodded and agreed. It was time for lunch. They all felt a little hungry. They looked around and found that there was a lot of people around a fast food truck. The business seemed to be good. The Israelis said to the Americans: We might as well do the fast food business! ; The Americans said :! This idea seems to be good. But you see the coffee shop next to the business is also very good, it is better to look at it again! ; The two did not have a unified opinion, so they went to each other. After shaking hands and saying goodbye, the Israelis immediately chose a good place and invested all their money in fast food. He continued to work hard. After 8 years of hard work, he has owned many fast food chain stores and accumulated a lot of money. He bought a yacht for himself and realized his own. On this day, he drove a yacht out to play and found a ragged man coming from a distance. The man was the American mark who came to the world with him. He asked Mark excitedly: what have you been doing in the past 8 years? ; Mark replied: for 8 years, I have been thinking all the time: What should I do! Mr. Liao said with deep feelings that it is impossible for a company to have a lofty ideal. The most important thing is to put it into action. Otherwise, the ideal is a fantasy. Over the years, snooker has been able to occupy a place in the industry. Once the company has locked its target, it will act immediately. If it does not reach the goal, it will not stop.
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