Interpretation of the 2013 New copper chandelier-Dance

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
The fashion trend is constantly circulating. In today's increasingly developed material culture, whether it is a high-end hotel or a villa, the classical copper chandelier has become the object of people's competition. Some people say that European classical style all-copper chandeliers have been selling well and have their own unique charm, which lies in the unique traces of historical years, its elegance and timeless temperament represent the master's excellent life taste. Snooker is co-named: dancing; The all-copper chandelier was born in an increasingly hot environment. When I first saw this all-copper chandelier, I was impressed by its simple lines and almost impeccable appearance. According to reports, this all-copper chandelier uses the natural form of Willows as the creative basis for the shape of all-copper chandeliers. Each arm curve is like a graceful Wicker, slender, smooth and elegant, the whole lamp abstractly and concisely shows a simple formal beauty. At first glance, it looks like a dancing woman, so the designer named this all-copper chandelier as dancing. In order to protect its own intellectual property rights, snooker Mercure has registered this series of all-copper chandeliers as intellectual property rights and obtained the design patent of the State Intellectual Property Office in January this year.
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