Interpretation of all copper pastoral European lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
In order to understand European lamps, we must first have a deeper understanding of European pastoral style. As we all know, with the improvement of people's living standards, the pressure of people's work and life has also increased accordingly. This society seems to have become so floating and dry overnight. When we returned home, we wished that this was a home full of natural customs. It is also based on this, in recent years, more and more European pastoral style home decoration. This article starts with the introduction of European pastoral style and introduces the relevant knowledge of European lamps. The European pastoral style we often say is actually a general designation. According to its representative regions, it is mainly divided into English and French pastoral styles. The English pastoral style is characterized by the use of gorgeous fabrics and handmade craftsmanship in a large area. Local fabrics such as Broken Flowers, stripes, and Scotland are everywhere. Where wood is used in English pastoral furniture and categories, pine and toon wood are mostly used in materials. Their production and carving are all handmade and exquisite. The French pastoral style is similar to the British in the use of fabric, but there are obvious differences in the production process of furniture and categories, after that, it mainly focuses on white washing and bold color matching in this respect. Generally speaking, although the two pastoral styles are obviously different, they have many amazing similarities in modeling: european pastoral style focuses on curve fun, asymmetric rules, soft and gorgeous colors, and advocating nature. Focusing on the expression of nature is the main feature of European pastoral style, and at the same time emphasizes the characteristics of romance and modern pop-ism. The design emphasizes the natural return of the soul, giving people a rich atmosphere. Put some fine late-stage accessories into the design style, fully reflecting a comfortable and comfortable living atmosphere pursued by designers and owners. The bright color design scheme is the main color tone for everyone's color matching. The white washing of furniture can make the furniture show classical beauty, while the matching of red, yellow and blue shows the fertile land, the simplified curling curve and exquisite ornamentation of the chair feet are also the embodiment of French elegant country life. As one of the indispensable and important elements of European pastoral decoration, European lamps are also extremely elegant in application. In general, European lamps advocate natural and original home style in design. European lamps remind people of the feeling of returning to nature when traveling or living in a farmhouse. Different colors, different types, with the breath of nature, can add a bit of quiet and fresh feeling to the home. The design inspiration of European lamps originates from the natural landscape, the scenes of people's work and the natural modeling of plants, with strong natural or rural artistic features, it shows a green, natural and comfortable leisure mood. As far as European lamps are concerned, their lampshades are mostly made of fabric lampshades such as Broken Flowers, stripes and folds, or glass lampshades with dark lines. The shape of the lamp body is mostly derived from the realism or freehand brushwork of nature. The surface of the lamp body is often not modified too much, with the natural copper color as its main color. According to the specific style characteristics, European lamps can be divided into English pastoral, American rural, Chinese pastoral, French pastoral and South Asian pastoral, among which English pastoral and French pastoral are quite popular.
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